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Free ebooks for Mothers Day


In honor of Mothers Day, JourStarr has a gift for you. 2 Free Books! To receive your free copy of My Life: Poetic Literature, by Charles Fantroy and a copy of JourStarr’s A Simple Writing Guide for New Authors. Please enter your name and email address below. Hurry this offer expires soon!!

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You are the essence of my being. When I look at a Mother it’s you that I’m seeing.

You held me in the midst of the winter storm; you covered me with love to keep me warm.

You gave me confidence and told me that I can; you wiped away my tears, and held my hand.

You made me smile, when all I did was frown; you picked me up every time you saw that I was down.

You gave me life and told me to live; you taught me not to always take, but to sometimes give.

You gave me everything that a child needs; you taught me the importance of obtaining prosperity; which is true indeed.

Mother, I praise you each and every day for loving me and raising me the right way, even though I sometimes disobeyed, your love towards me forever stayed. My Mother dearest, you’re as rare as the everglades.

-Charles Fantroy

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