10 Book Marketing Tips for Self Published Authors

10 Book Marketing Tips For Self Published Authors

  1. Don’t try to sell – Market your book. Headlines or ads with “check out my book” or ” my book is free today” often get confused with spam and passed over. Market yourself, selling is all about brand recognition. Join groups, offer to review others books, be an active member of your local reading community. By building your “brand” you will gain much more than just spamming ads.
  2. Social Media is a must. This goes back to #1. You need to market yourself, Network with readers and other authors. Join book groups and be an active member of those communities.
  3. You must have a blog. Marketing yourself and your books is like pushing a large rock up a hill. The minute you stop that rock is going to roll back down. You must keep yourself in front of your audience. Post engaging content that will hit a note with your readers.
  4. Give away free ebooks. Even if you only have one title under your belt. You will build are reader base for books 2,3 and so on. Giving away ebooks should never be seen as a loss but as an investment in marketing
  5. Budget appropriately for paid advertising. Pay for promos but within reason. Experiment a little and measure your ROI (return on investment). put money where it performs the best.
  6. Keep your cool. Arguing, criticising and being obnoxious are sure-fire routes to failure. Never ‘flare’ on the Internet as comments made in a temper will last forever and tarnish your reputation. Ignore bad reviews, nasty comments, and trolls. Rise above their level, always.
  7. Keep writing. Not every book is going to be a blockbuster or even sell 10 copies. Write more, your skills will grow and chances are you will actually see some good sales figures.
  8. Stay Positive. Don’t check your sales figures hourly, that can be depressing. Just keep plugging away at your marketing and networking then at the end of the month you might be pleasantly surprised.
  9. Build a website. In addition to your blog, build your online store with links to buy your book and follow your work.
  10. Collect emails for marking later. Through whatever platform your choose build a mailing list of your fans and potential fans this can become the directory to your reader base. It will help you contact your fans with marketing info on your new book.

Remember marketing is a long game. Keep plugging away with blog posts and using paid advertising wisely.

source: https://justpublishingadvice.com/book-marketing-tips-for-self-published-authors/

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