Self-Publishing Services Announcement

We quickly realized that there are way too many good manuscripts out there to offer publishing contracts for every one of them. It would be an injustice to let these works go unpublished. JourStarr would like to help the burgeoning self-publishing community by offering reliable, reasonably priced publishing services.

I have worked on this expansion of services now for almost 6 months. Since the idea was first proposed I have been circling the wagons so to speak….

I am very proud to announce JourStarr Quality Publications will be launching our new self-publishing services website Monday, June 11, 2018.

JourStarr will be offering a wide range of interior design, ebook formatting, cover design, typography, and publishing services.



JourStarr holding interviews for a new book based on Wheeling WV

Come be part of Wheeling’s history

We will be holding interviews at the Ohio Co Public Library for past and present East Wheeling Residents, Business Owners, and Law Enforcement. If you have lived or lives, attends church or school and or visits East Wheeling frequently please attend. The interviews will consist of general questions on how your neighborhood has changed for the better or worse. We are working on a new book highlighting the socio-cultural changes that our local area has undergone. If you are not familiar with the term gentrification we will help bring to light the subtle and not so subtle actions or community influences that make up the process.

Webster’s Dictionary defines gentrification as:

1. the buying and renovation of houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods by upper- or middle-income families or individuals, raising property values but often displacing low-income families and small businesses.
 2. the process of conforming to an upper- or middle-class lifestyle, or of making a product, activity, etc., appealing to those with more affluent tastes


JourStarr will be taking more surveys on Sunday, October 15th from 1 pm to 4:30 pm downstairs at the Ohio co. Public Library.  We are looking for unique stories on your life and time spent living and visiting the East Wheeling and downtown areas of Wheeling.  We will also be focusing on the national Weed and Seed Program and how it was used by local governments to gentrify urban areas displacing longtime residents, shuttering family businesses and uprooting their culture.

Please bring pictures and a good story, everyone is welcome! Anyone who participates will receive a mention in the book, also many of your unique stories will be featured in the text. We hope to bring a lost community together and show the enduring spirit of Wheeling’s residents.

Mothers Day Book Givaway – Free Ebooks

Free ebooks for Mothers Day


In honor of Mothers Day, JourStarr has a gift for you. 2 Free Books! To receive your free copy of My Life: Poetic Literature, by Charles Fantroy and a copy of JourStarr’s A Simple Writing Guide for New Authors. Please enter your name and email address below. Hurry this offer expires soon!!

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You are the essence of my being. When I look at a Mother it’s you that I’m seeing.

You held me in the midst of the winter storm; you covered me with love to keep me warm.

You gave me confidence and told me that I can; you wiped away my tears, and held my hand.

You made me smile, when all I did was frown; you picked me up every time you saw that I was down.

You gave me life and told me to live; you taught me not to always take, but to sometimes give.

You gave me everything that a child needs; you taught me the importance of obtaining prosperity; which is true indeed.

Mother, I praise you each and every day for loving me and raising me the right way, even though I sometimes disobeyed, your love towards me forever stayed. My Mother dearest, you’re as rare as the everglades.

-Charles Fantroy

JourStarr Authors on Display at LA Times Festival of Books


We are very pleased to announce Othello Greene: The Story Begins will be featured at the SPAWN booth during the LA Times festival of books. Free JourStarr bookmarks will also be available at the booth

About the Festival of Books

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books began in 1996 with a simple goal: to bring together the people who create books with the people who love to read them. Since then, the festival has grown into a vibrant celebration of all of the arts, and of our dynamic, innovative and unique metropolis.



Each year, over 150,000 people come to the University of Southern California campus to experience a gathering of writers, poets, artists, filmmakers and musicians like no other. The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is the largest festival of its kind in the United States and is The Times’ annual gift to our city.Visit the Festival of Books website for more details

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