What Kind of Book Should I Write?

what kind of book should I write

What Kind of Book Should I Write?

This is a question a lot of new authors pose to themselves sometime early in their writing career. Here’s the thing, I can tell you what genres sell the best and try to forecast what the upcoming trends that are soon to be coming up on the horizon. But if you are a novice writer trying to force a story into one of these categories you will most likely fail!

Best selling book genres of 2018.

Children’s Fiction – By far children’s books outsell their adult counterparts 3-1 this has been a trend that is not likely to change anytime soon

Romance/Erotica –  These books have always been high on the charts due to a high percentage of readers in the demographic, Women

Mystery/Crime/Thriller – Books in these categories sell well due to its wide demographic. They can appeal to men and women alike. Although be careful there is a lot of competition in these categories. Your book needs to stand out if it is going to be a success.

There are more that I could list, but there is a sharp drop after mystery/thriller. Horror is only posting up numbers one-tenth the amount of the other more popular genres. Last but not least is Teen Fiction while it has been close in sales to horror it has sharply risen following major book to movie series such as The Twilight Saga. More teens than ever have been picking up books or listening to them through such services as audible.

Write what you write!

I know that may sound stupid, but what I mean by that is don’t try to force your stories into a particular genre. By all means, if you write romance, write the best tear-jerking, heart-wrenching, tingly-feeling romance you can write! Just don’t make the mistake that many do and try to write something you have no familiarity with. Know your market, know the specific type of reader your story will appeal too, know the competition.

I know your saying but I’m a writer, not a book salesman or marketer. That needs to change if you want to be a successful author. Write first, but knowing your audience and competition is the best advice I can give aspiring writers.

As always, Good Luck and Happy Writing!


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