‘JourStarr Quality Publications has the desire to be a dominant, Independent publisher in the Media & Publishing industries.

Providing a High quality, Out- of- this- World service to authors and readers is of the utmost importance, and is at the very core of our company’s capabilities

We are an independently owned publishing house. Focusing on the writer. ‘JourStarr is committed to become the predominant publisher of independent Novels, Poetry collections, Screen plays and much more.  As we say at ‘JourStarr ” The universe is endless, shoot for the Starr’s “. Our services include, but in no way are limited to just these aspects,  we will go to the moon and beyond for our clients.

‘JourStarr will continue to function with dedication and commitment under its corporate vision and credo, endorse advancement and maintaining the distinction acknowledged universally.

Digital conversion.  Formatting and conversion is a crucial part of pre-production.  We can take your edited digital drafts and convert to necessary formats before publishing

OCR Scanning. We can take your typed or written drafts and convert them to digital formats.

Editing, Proof reading, Artistic suggestions, Styling, Cover creation and Layout. We will take your ideas and assemble them into a finished work.

Web presence. Author website, Social media profiles, Online book tours.  We will produce a personalized author website along with social media profiles marketing your works for their lifespan.