Where Do You Find Your Inspiration To Write?

As a writer where do you find inspiration (or motivation) to actually sit down and write?

I sat down this morning intending on writing another slam dunk blog post but I’m having a hard time finding the inspiration. Maybe its, because my Pittsburgh Penguins lost (did we really believe a 3-peat was possible?), or that my lawnmower self-destructed halfway through the first grass cut of the season. (I really should post a picture of my lawn it’s actually kind of funny), or maybe because there are a million things that need to be done around here but I just can’t find the motivation to accomplish any of them.

As a writer where do you find inspiration (or motivation) to actually sit down and write? Whether it be from music, checking out some new art or just catching up on today’s news.

I want to hear from everyone let me know down in the comments section where you draw your inspiration from. I compiled a list of ways you can take a jackhammer to your writer’s block if you’re really stuck and somehow your story has lost its way!

Music. This is definitely my favorite way to gather inspiration. Listen to some new music something you wouldn’t normally you will be surprised how quickly the words start flowing.

Movies. Sometimes you’re just trying too hard. Shut your brain off for a while and dive into a new movie. It could be you just need to relax a while.

Magazines, News Articles. If you subscribe to some of your fav’s or you just pick up one while waiting at the dentist’s office find an article that interests you.

Art Galleries, Museums.  Do something different than your everyday routine. Take the time to check out a new exhibit at your local museum.

Exercise. This may be my least favorite but It has its uses (shhhh I know I have put on a couple pounds over the winter). Other than keeping healthy and our butts in our favorite pair of jeans, exercise can really clear the head and somehow wash away the worries of the day.

Freewriting. I have done this and it really does help. Don’t think just write. Wait! you say that’s my problem I can’t! I don’t mean write a story just write about anything, the grass outside your window, the neighbor’s dog that won’t SHUT THE HELL UP! Or maybe the bird that built a nest outside my kitchen window. (BTW all the eggs hatched we now have 4 baby birds) Don’t stop, don’t edit just let the pen flow.

The point is if you think you are stuck in a rut you’re probably right. Inspiration can strike anywhere anytime and sometimes you will realize you may just have to stop looking for it before it slaps you in the face!  Happy Writing!

Justin Marsh

Website Administration, IT

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